The TEA! Undone Chocolate’s Cacao Tea that is…


I am a lover of the teas! The gossip teas and the herbal teas. All herbal everything. Y’all can keep that Lipton stuff though. That tea makes me want to bark. Yes. Like a damn dog.


Anyhoo, I came across this tea via an event I worked with a friend. Undone Chocolate is one of the wonderful craft chocolate makers in Washington, DC and their chocolate is delightful! Straight from the bean to the bar, their chocolate is super rich in antioxidants, organic (important!), and sourced from small producers. And guess what? Only TWO ingredients are in their dark chocolate bars…organic chocolate and organic sugarcane! You can check out their process here.

But back to the tea, y’all…

I did not know what to expect when I tried their Cacao Shell Tea but I absolutely enjoyed it! Very earthy and not overbearingly chocolatey which is perfect for me. Once I got home, I made a cup and added some crushed cardamom pods and a sprinkle of cayenne to the mix (my typical additions to tea). I was very much in my happy place then. SOOOOO GOOD! Get yo’ life, y’all!

I love that they did not waste the shells… Cacao Tea is a great idea and a nice alternative to hot cocoa. 🙂

Thanks for turning me out on this Cacao Tea, Undone Chocolate!

Photos: Rashidah Denton

Don’t steal my shit, y’all.


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