Yep…Cleveland P. Jones…AGAIN!


Cover Art - Cleveland P. Jones


I done told y’all about this amazing talent. His album has finally dropped…and the shit is awesome! I would have posted earlier but I was too busy enjoying this greatness on repeat. And maybe being a little selfish. *slaps hand* CLASSIC OLD SCHOOL SOUL REVIVAL…YEP! I’M HERE FOR IT! I’m penning that name today!

Cleveland P. Jones presents Ace Of Hearts…available worldwide on iTunesAmazonSpotify, and about 750 other sites online. Twelve delectable tracks of recording excellence… I’m in love. Currently stuck on Back To Me… Truly inspiring song on reinvesting, reviving, nurturing, and simply bringing/giving back the good energies you expend on wastes of sperms to oneself. You will most definitely receive the message in The Church Of Cleveland and do some reflecting, re-evaluating, reorganizing, and rebooting. Revelations and epiphanies will be had. You may even ask Tito to pass you a tissue or two…but your life will be renewed and your edges will be snatched by this sangin’, producing, writing ass fool here.

Since I’m not great at writing recipes, you should know that I’m not great at writing a damn review. Well…it’s more like being lazy so I’m leaving that to the folks that like to write. Please see the links below for the real reviews. Go on and indulge in some great HONEST music!!!

Congratulations, Cleveland! You did it! Willing you the best going forward! xo



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