I Promise I’m Not A Flake…

Hi. How are you? I missed you.

No. Really I did.

Please pardon the absence and delay and everything else. Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair, but it has taken an interesting turn with new things I’m excitedly engaged in.

While I haven’t been cooking much, my photography life has evolved (I feel like I’m growing up in the pic biz – still got a ways to go though)…and has allowed me to fuse my love for food & music into my pics. I will never abandon cooking. I really can’t. Been doing it since I was ten, but my dream of becoming a professional chef is currently on hold. At least for the moment.

Anyhoozits, I will still find time in my ridiculously busy schedule to post. I still suck as a recipe writer, but folks keep asking so I will be motivated to finish the ones I’ve started. Ha! My next post (which will immediately follow this one) is a little preview of the non-food stuffs I have been working on.

In the meantime, and in-between time, just wanted to give you guys a huge shout! Thank you epically for hanging in there with a sistah, and PLEASE do what you need to in this life to be at peace and remain happy. Be sure to surround yourself with positive & genuine folks who are hard-working, encouraging, supportive, and know how to have fun…at the same damn time! Don’t forget to reciprocate the wonderful energies! Makes a world of difference…especially when you are chasing your dream. I can attest to that. Time waits for no one, and no one likes a miserable ass person. I know I don’t. Indulge and enjoy in all things wonderful, and LIVE.

Willing you infinite peace, brilliant light, and everlasting love…




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