Gah Dayum!!! It’s Been A Long Time… *in my Rakim voice*

Geez! Since Superbowl earlier this year! And just in time for the new season of FOOTBALL!!! Woo hoo! And whatnots!

Please pardon the absence as life happened…and continues to. But, still I rise.

Alas, I decided on yet another change for the blog, which isn’t as functional for my links (you know, the ones that were previously on the right side), but so very lovely to look at. I’ll work incorporating the link contents into posts as I work on updating regularly like my Facebook page of the same name. Please visit and like the page if you are so inclined. 

Thanks for hanging in there! I appreciate you! While we are here, I’ve indulged in the sounds of Gregory Porter recently and I am smitten. And his album, Be Good, is amazingly perfect. Feel free to indulge in Mr. Porter as I continue to.

Be Good!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jai Starr says:

    Woo Hoo you’re back!!!!

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