Wake Up, World! *in my Bilal voice*


This ish is tedious and I’m making this quick. Or at least try to. You can find the extended version on my link (My Delectable Edibles…to your right >> yep, over there)

Ingredients for this blog are:

  • 1/3 cup of the music I enjoy
  • 2/3 cup of the foods I cook
  • Love for both, to taste (most importantly because it melds everything together)

You may see some other random stuff but I will try to keep it short, sweet, and end it with a treat. Recipes! I hate writing these dastardly things but I’m getting better. All recipes are mine, unless otherwise noted (I give credit where it is due…and I expect the same in return *side eye*). Many of the recipes are inspired by the music I listen to or the mood I am in. Some of you lovely spirits have sampled my goods and I appreciate you all! *Thank you!* Please leave comments, concerns, questions, etc. It will be appreciated more than you care to know (especially since I am not perfect) and all will be accepted as constructive criticism. And while I welcome all comments and such, if my “attention whore” radar goes off, and you feel the need to leave a silly comment, please know I will not entertain your miserable ass. Misery and I never got along, and neither will we. *back to the happy folk* Can’t wait for the rest of you to sample me as well…

OHHHHH!! Disclaimer: The writing here will be very informal…and possibly indicative of the thoughts running wild in my head. *koas;jhf ;dkjhfacdnfkjhkjzdvm << See, that was a thought…colliding.* It will probably make you cringe (I make up a lot of words, use a lot of ellipses, parentheses, and asterisks…all thoughts in some form) BUT should you feel the need to criticize said writing, eff you and your couch in advance. 🙂

A smidgen about me:

Born and raised in Harlem, NY. One of six siblings. *1st, Born Second…Bilal, I ❤ you.* Moved to Washington, DC a little over a year ago after being fed up with NY as a whole. In addition to just being in DC, I decided to take the risk of following my dream (and work on ways to fulfill said dream) of becoming a chef. Yes…in DC. Slower version of NY for me…and I always loved this place. And I don’t want to be just any chef. I’m looking to be your favorite chef and your favorite chef’s (your favorite anyone for that matter) favorite chef. But lowkey. Oh, and maybe Bilal’s chef…’cause that’s my sangin’ boo. *whew, that man makes me weak in the knees, I can hardly speak…* And I have a bunch of sangin’ boos…he’s just 1A. And of course, I’d love to cook/chef for a whole host of other favorite folks…sangin’ and otherwise. You will find that out as I post because I am definitely a supporter of their craft. Hope you will enjoy their craft as well.

A pinch as to why I started this:

My beautiful angel and my fam: My daughter is definitely a mini-version of me. Sense of humor is ridiculous. I always randomly ask her what would she like to be when she gets older and it was always random ass answers. I probably should have been more patient with it but one thing that was always consistent was her love for music and drums. She would beat the hell out of walls and tables at all hours of the day and night. Bought her a single drum and she went off on that. I knew I needed to tap into that and keep her interested in it. She now tells me that she wants to be a music composer and learn German. Time to step my game up… As for my fam, each individual is inspiration for something. I’m one of six, second oldest. *Mom was not playing.* My older brother is autistic and Mom gave him the 24/7 care needed while I tended to the rest of us. They both keep me going in this pursuit of “happyness”. Dad always dropped jewels, but I never really listened when I was younger. What he didn’t know was the little listening I did helped me become the person I am today. *Parents, talk to your kids…say it no matter what. They’re listening.* My other brother and sisters are awesomeness in their own way. I will more than likely share stories on all. Daughter and Fam-lay, I love you eternally! Extended family, love you the same!

My Number One Sistah Girl:  Shonda B. was (and still is) an absolute risk taker, always driven, and loves to attain the best of anything. With a smile. Stayed smiling. I swear she has an “S” somewhere on them tiddays of hers. Just amazing all around! She saw something in me the day we were in homeroom in HS and decided to risk her life by coming up to talk to me. Yeah, I hated people, and really couldn’t stand her. Needless to say, we became best friends and still continue to inspire each other. She was the main one who “pushed” me to go forward in becoming a chef and not “grow up to be known as the woman that knows how to cook really good”. Ole profound heffa. Love her ’til this day for that. I never forgot those words. Y’all can thank her later. Love you!

My Number Two Sistah Girl: Jai Starr (pronounced Jai Starrah), is a fantastic and spectacular mess. And while she knows I can’t with her, on occasion, she has finally started her blog (after my persistent pestering for a while as I bow–victory is mine–thank me later, World), aptly named, A Starr’s State of Mind. Warning: Due to the high level of entertainment on A Starr’s State of Mind, do not drink or eat anything while reading. She will not be held liable for any injuries that may occur. So tables turned and she beat me with a bat to start mine. *If this is successful, thank her later, World!* Anyhoo, another gem I met in HS via Shonda B., and we also continue to inspire each other as well as act a certified and Twitter Verified fool “cuz we ARE the party”, per Ms. Jai. Love you!

OK…that was more like two and a half cups…but so what. I have more people to mention but again, I will more than likely shout them out in this blog at some point. And people that I will mention *especially fam*, my memory is shot to ish but I never forget beautiful spirits!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jai Starr says:

    Awesome!!!!! Keep up the GREAT work!!!!!

    1. Thanks, boo bear! Just doing what I can. I know you are doing the same! Absolutely adore and love your blog…despite choking on a drink or two. 🙂

  2. EJ says:

    Great post Sheedah!! Looking forward to checking out whats between them ears. And you know you can still drop a treat or two off on a brother!!

    1. Thanks and done deal. I got you for a limited time. 🙂

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